G.U.S. is an initiative from Petra Sluijters.
Petra is an Amsterdam home based artist, designer, entrepreneur and hypnotherapist. www.hypnosecentrumamsterdam.nl

At the moment (2022) she is the interm lead programmer of the Melkweg Expo.
www.melkweg.nl, Insta: melkweg expo

Together with her sister she has the company your cup of T. www.yourcupofT.com.
They worked for Glamour & Elle magazine, Plus1.nl, meubelstukken.nl, pepperminds.nl, MTV.com, mysteryland.com, ID&T.com, kesselskramer.com, Diesel.nl and many more.

She also works as a TV-stylist. Paper-Scissor-Rock-styling.

She did X-Factor Holland, Idols and Hollands Got Talent for bluecircle.tv, Hotter Than My Daughter for endemol.nl and Klerenzooi for VPRO.nl